Frequently Asked Questions

GovBliss Certification

The GovBliss Certification program allows vendors to provide a minimum of five active customers for approval. GovBliss confirms they are public agency clients in good standing - hence, a reference.

Price Rating

If you see dollar signs on a vendor profile they are offering pricing information about the annual cost of their services. Each $ = up to $5k annually, so $$ means the annual cost for their product is between $5k-$10k.

Request for Product Information (Quote)

The RPI quote system allows Marketplace users to receive information anonymously from vendors. Users can request information through GovBliss from one or an entire subcategory of vendors. Those vendors who have upgraded to take part in this service will be notified by GovBliss of the information request and given 10 business days to respond. GovBliss will then compile the information and provide it to the initial requestor. 

What is GovBliss?


GovBliss is a software company that acts as a third-party provider of applications to associations and brands. We host, support and operate the entire ICMA Marketplace.

GovBliss Privacy Terms

GovBliss abides by the GDPR privacy compliance rules and NEVER provides any user information to third party. Any information gained from use of the GovBliss platform by any individual will never be disclosed to any entity outside of GovBliss and the ICMA. To see our full privacy policy, please visit that page.

ICMA Strategic Partners

ICMA strategic partners are vendors or organizations that pay to be corporate partners with the If your company would like to learn more about that program, please contact and we will put you in touch with the appropriate contact.